Friday, April 27, 2012

My teething baby is no shinobi da kedo...

So Tuna is teething. I know, old news... But that's my point!! How long does a baby need to be teething??? Drool, crankiness... swollen gum, fever... The poor thing won't sleep. And here I am, with a baby in my arm. Helpless in the middle of the night. And then it hits me! I think : "There's has to be an up side to having a teething baby!" So I search... I look around... and there it is! The silver lining. I have a baby that won't sleep and over 40 episodes of Naruto to catch up on! BINGO! And so I did. The last 3 nights, I caught up on nearly 9 months of Naruto. Thanks to my poor little teething baby who will only sleep in my arm, I had a good excuse to sit in my lazy boy for hours at a time. And so I watched, and watched and watched. Oh the excitement! To make things better, there were very little fillers!

So now I am all caught up in the serie. We are back in fillers but I must admit, I had chills running down my back at the end of the last main arc episode. Anyone else did? You probably don't watch. Hum... I guess we could compare it to the chills you get every time team Canada scores in an Olympic goal medal hockey game. Yep. That bad. Oh and did I mentioned I cried too. Now I don't want to spoil it... but you know.... when N and K meet. Yep. I cried. And I am sure you would have too if you had been watching this anime for the past 8 years like I do.

So... now what do I do. Well... what else... It has been decided, Hudson's Halloween costume for next year will be Naruto ;-) Since her favorite toy is her fox, there could not be a better choice... but now, what should Tristan and I dress as? Jiraiya? The 4th? Kakashi? Tsunade Sama? Temari? Personally I am leaning towards the 4th for TJ and Temari for me (well, we do have the same hair cut). But who knows ;-) Stay tune to find out!

And if you are wondering. Tuna`s first birthday party will be a Halloween costume party. ;-)

Did I mention Halloween is in 6 months!!!!!

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