Sunday, April 15, 2012

The mysterious tooth

Once upon a time, in a little lakefront village, in central Ontario, lived a little girl who was toothless. For many weeks already, she had been feeling the pressure of growing teeth. Yet, day after day, there was nothing to show. Burning red cheeks, drooling like a waterfall, chewing like a chipmunks, the little girl was slowly turning into a cranky little monster. When night time came, she would wriggle in pain and only find comfort in mommy's arms. Mom became so sleep deprived that one morning, after a long sleepless night, she backed up her husband's car right into her own car. Still no teeth came.

Until one day, as she strolled around the neighborhood and ran into her next door neighbor. They started chating and before mom could say anything, the neighbor noticed that the little girl was cutting two teeth. Mom was perplex. Even though she checked every morning, she could no see anything. So she rushed home, washed her hand and once more looked for the teeth. She could see nothing.

Perhaps her neighbor had been wrong...

Later that day, still bothered by the mysterious tooth, she made her way to the neighbor and kindly asked her to show her the tooth! The neighbor who had 5 kids, gladly pointed out to the two little bumps. There they were! Not visible yet, but on their way! Mom had a sight of relief! Perhaps, soon she would be able to sleep again! Just as she was hit by that wave of hope, her neighbor explained that unfortunately, there was no sure way of knowing how soon they would fully appear. Mom was heart broken!

And so the story ends.... for now... 

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  1. At least they begining showing up !!! Gambatte !!! ^^