Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Will my car seat survive?

As we are getting closer to our 6 weeks trip to Asia, I am starting to find out how complicated traveling with a baby can be. I have to admit, it is very fortunate that I LOVE planning, because we could have been in for some major surprises!!! If you are planing on flying with your baby this summer make sure to read on!

Most airline company will let you gatecheck your car seat. But not Air Canada. With Air Canada you have to check in your car seat. They will gladly let you know that it is free and more convenient (yes, it does not count towards your luggage allowance). End of story, right? Sure, if you trust that you will get to your destination and be handed back your car seat on a golden plateau. But the reality is this :

You don't have to go very far into the video to see what happens to the car seat. After researching it a bit more, I found out that 1. Airline will not to responsibility for your car seat (No liability if damaged) 2. There is no guarantee that your car seat will make your flight (same as luggage) 3. In many cases, the car seat ends up being crushed by other luggage which results in visible or non-visible damage which leads to number 4. Even if your car seat comes back looking fine, there is no way to tell if it really is (hairline fracture....) in other words, checking a car seat = a crash car seat. 
And here's another bad news for you... even if you gatecheck it, there is no guarantee it will be treated fairly. Off course, most people don't care. I mean, if the seat looks ok, it's good enough... ... ...

So what to do then? Well you do have option. Some people will rent a car seat once they reach their destination (but even there do you really know where the car seat has been?) Other people will purchase a car seat upon arrival (very common if you are off to visit family). Some people will decide to buy a One-time car seat and use it for the purpose of that trip only. If you decide to do so, your best bet is to keep the car seat it the original box (as this will offer the most protection). Another option is for you to buy a seat for your baby, in which case they will be able to ride in their car seat (but beware, certain airline have restriction of which car seat).

So here it is... as for us, we are still debating which way to go. As it stands, we are looking in possibly buying a new car seat to bring and leave behind. But only time will tell us!

To find out more, visit this link for great information about flying with children

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  1. Voir le vidéo ...ca me fait juste me donner encore plus de raison d'avoir été over protective avec les trucs que j'ai amener et ramener du Japon.

    J'espere que tu pourras trouver une solution a ton probleme !!! TU fais bien de te renseigner beaucoup ...je suis aussi du genre a faire ca ...au moins ta moins de surprise apres!