Sunday, June 24, 2012


I am having a serious case of OMG! OMG 8 months already! Seriously???? My little Tuna is not so tiny anymore!!! She moves around, she pulls herself up. And she knows what she wants! On that subject... she wants 3 things... Mommy. Mommy and Mommy. And swimming too. But swimming with mommy. I desperately need a double of myself just so I can go to the washroom and shower.

So as I said, it's not always all about mommy! It also often all about swimming! We are talking 2-3 hours everyday (sometimes even more). She loves water! And I love that she loves water! I somehow dread our summer trip just because we wont have access to a pool on a daily basis. And no pool time = a grumpy baby who will not be tired enough to sleep.

And that brings me to my next subject!!! Sleeping! Ha! Sleeping what's that! Can someone please reassure me! She will sleep one day right? And to think that I thought all baby sleep through the night at around 6 weeks. I was a fool. We are still up many many many many times a night... with an early get up time between 4 am and 630 am. As much as she loves water and swimming, she hates bed and sleeping. I swear she breaks up in hives when she sees her bed! (ok that might be slightly exaggerated, but you get the picture)

Oh but I love her so much! She is such a happy content baby! She gives lots of snuggles and she laugh tons.

Now just to keep everyone up to date, there are a few exciting event coming up in our life :-) This is my last post before I start my new serie of On the road posts.  Next week, we are leaving for Asia! There will be a few pre-trip post such as "what to pack for baby".

Then we are off to the Philippines and Japan. Yeah! When we come back, I will be starting my PHD. Then in early October (yes on the same weekend) I will be flying to France for 2 days to give a conference at the university of Loraine and will be back in time for my mom's wedding! Crazy! I know! And then off course, later that month we will be celebrating Hudson's first year and Halloween! Ouf! I'm already tired just thinking about it!!!!