Sunday, July 15, 2012

Catherine goes into survival mode

I promised Tristan I would blog about this mishap! So here it is…  As we were waiting for our ferry boat to Cebu, I decided to go to the washroom. I left all my things with Tristan in the waiting room and without any second thoughts went to the toilet. I relieved myself in more than one way only to find out (as it is very common in the Philippines) that there was no toilet paper in the stall. So I sat there for a while… contemplating what to do. My predicament was such that no one else was in the washroom. So I sat there and waited a bit. After a short while, I decided to reassess the situation. What could I do? Or more precisely… what could I use? (what would I sacrifice…) So I took an inventory of what I had. Shoes! No use. Shorts! I need to keep that. Underwear! That could be a possibility but these are brand new…. Shirt! I need it. Bras! Too expensive to sacrifice. Glasses! Useless. Hair tie. Hum. Scrunchy hair tie. Ok. A fabric hair tie from Dolarama. That could work… I think.
And so the hair tie got sacrificed. I went back to the waiting room, with my hair down. As I casually told Tristan “a girl has to do what a girl has to do”. Now earlier that morning I had cut a layer of ruffles of Hudson’s new dress (yep my daughter is so short that clothing for her age is always way too long). I took it out of my purse and made a makeshift hair ribbon with it.

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  1. Lol Pauvre toi ! Ca nous arrives tous au moins une fois dans notre vie ! Par contre, j'ai toujours le reflexe maintenant de verifier le papier de toilette en entrant dans la salle de toilette. Donc j'évites les mauvaise surprise la pluspart du temps ! Quoi qu'il en soit la robe de Hudson t'as fait un beau ruban XD