Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cebu or how to run out of diapers in a day

So the antibiotic is giving Hudson the run…. And so I keep on changing, and changing, and changing her diapers. At this point, I just know I won’t have enough to last through the trip…. And so I keep on washing and washing and washing….

The fever is also persisting. Not as high as before but still always there. We just arrived from Bohol. The temperature here feels twice as warm! It is blistering. I don't think I have ever encountered such hot temperature. We took a ferry between Bohol and Cebu. After a short stop a Jollybee for lunch, we headed out to our resort (Bluewater Resort in Mactan). Cebu is not at all like Bohol. Here it is crowded, dirty, loud and very poor. Our resort is man made and stands in the middle of a shanty. Hidden by oversize trees are very high walls topped by barbwire. Inside the walls, everything is pretty. clean, wide and "happy". It somewhat reminds me a lot of Jamaica.

When we arrived at the resort, we were just in time for shark feeding show. Yes, they have a shark tank with about 10 black tip reef sharks. We then made our way to our beautiful room overlooking one of many pools. It didn't take us long, we put on our bathing suit and jumped in the water! Hudson loved it! And for the first time since she got sick, she laughed! We stayed in the water for a good hour and than headed straight to bed!

Hudson still has severe diarrhea... For the first time ever! She slept through the night! From 7pm to 5am. 

Our second day in Cebu started with another spike of fever. We went swimming. The water seemed to help. I also had 4 mango for breakfast! We are in Cebu after all!!! Best mango in the world!

We checked out of our rooms and we headed out on a tour of the oldest city in the Philippines. The island of Cebu is a very important historical place! This is where the Spaniards arrived, this is also the place where Magellan was killed by Lapu-lapu. There are many buildings on the island dating back from the 1500's. We started our visit with a trip to Magellan's and the Lapu-lapu's monuments. We then went to Magellan's cross and St-Nino's church. We ended the tour with a short stop at the Fort. I off course ate a few mango shakes.

During that time, we still had to fight the high temperature, and Hudson's fever. By then, Hudson had also develop a wide spread rash while still getting none stop diarrhea.

We safely flew back to Manila and decided to head back to the doctor early in the morning.   


  1. Okay I am seriously worried about that is lasting way too long. Make sure she is examine by a doctor in Manila... Have her check for Meningite and malaria. Let us know how she is doing. By the way not sure what a Uti is. Is it an autite ( ear infection). You know going from very warm to very old ac could do it. Love you all and take care.
    okay that was my mother worring side. On the other hand I find your trip and paces you've been going to be very beautiful.

  2. I'm worried about poor Hudson! Did they do any blood draws to see if she has a high white blood cell count? That would indicate some type of infection. For example, I had a high white blood cell count both times I got uti's after giving birth. I believe, the higher the number, the more serious the infection. Your trip looks awesome otherwise!