Friday, July 13, 2012

La turista

I knew it was going to happen! I just knew it! But when? That was the question! Well on the fourth day, out of nowhere… not just me! But Tristan too! Spent an evening (and a night) running for the washroom! Ah… yes…. The dreaded turista! The funny thing is that before coming to the Philippines, I had never been afflicted of this ailment. I have traveled many times to the Caribbeans, even Mexico… but never had to face the washroom paralyzing, humbling and tantalizing stomach bug! I remember the first time I had it… On my first trip to the Philippines! I seriously thought I was dying! I got so sick… so dehydrated… and off course I was “Oh-so-ashamed” (I was after all visiting my now-husband’s family). This time, I came prepared. I had a suitcase dedicated to medicine! In expectation of the trip, I raided Shoppers Drug Mart! I intended to declare war on the Turista! And so I did! As I sat on the toilet for hours, I drowned myself in Gatorade while popping Pepto bismol tablets. Once more I felt like I was dying, but this time I intended to beat it! 24-36 hours is it’s normal course… unless aggressively treated! And that is what I did. I spent the entire night up… 2 am came, it was time to go to the airport for our flight to Bohol….  The drive to the airport… just over one hour. (oh-oh…. How can I stay away from the washroom that long????) I seriously considered putting on one of Hudson’s cloth diaper… you know… just as an extra precaution… But in the end, I made it to the airport (so did Tristan by the way). In all this, I kept thinking: “as long as baby is fine… we will be fine….” Little did I know……
We hopped on the plane and by then… less than 12 hours after my stomach turned upside down, I was “fine”. I was even able to enjoy the flight without having to keep my eyes on the “occupied” washroom sign! I was able to enjoy a guided tour on Bohol… in a car… without access to the washroom… \
I did it! I beat la turista!    

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