Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The long way to Manila


Here we are! In Manila! We made it... with an 8 months old! 18 hours on a plane, 3 countries, 3 airports, long car rides... 27 hours in total! 


We left home early to be dropped off to the airport. Check in was a breeze. Our carseat was packed in the original box and we were way under baggage allowance. We had no problem getting through security with the extra baby food. 

Our first flight to Tokyo was right on time. We had good seat with lots of leg room. Unfortunately for us, the seat belt sign was lit most of the way. Hudson did not seem to approve of it and 3 hours into the flight, Hudson had a huge melt down. She was angry and screaming at the top pf her lung. It lasted a while.... a very very long while.... 


She eventually settled and slept a little. I would like to take this time and mention the landing! It was the most amazing landing I had ever experienced! We did not even feel the touch down! Tristan and I were both amazed at that! By far the smoothed ride ever! 

We arrived in Tokyo at 3 am (our time) and quickly went to met up with Ayumi! We had just a few minutes to spare. Just enough time to take a picture and rush to our connecting flight! The second half of our trip was with ANA. I love ANA! The service on this airline is amazing! Hudson even got her own meal, and toys and bassinet. My limited kanji knowledge was enough to "know" that Hudson had yam and yogurt. She really seamed to enjoy Japanese baby food! As for me, I enjoyed watching her sleep in the bassinet while enjoying a complementary Asahi beer.

We arrived in Manila without a hitch. To our surprise, they are finally using the new airport! It is so much better this way! Lots of room to move! Tito and Juanita picked us up and off we went! Overall, the whole trip was a success! We finally got to the house at 1130am (our time). We went straight to bed. Hudson did not seem to be bothered by the time difference. She seemed however confused as to why it was so dark. But the good sport that she is... she accepted to sleep (at least a little)... and was up at 630 for business as usual!!! 

First day in Manila.....rain. Because of it the weather is a lot cooler than expected! Which is great! Actually, it is cooler here than it had been lately back home with the heat wave.

We stayed in. We worked on getting Hudson back on her regular schedule. (food, nursing, nap) So far it seem to work. Most of the day was spent with people visiting. Both side of the family came for lunch and an informal meet and greet.

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  1. Superbe photo avec Ayu-chan ! Elle devait être super contente de vous voir !!! Est-ce que la photo a été prise a sa boutique ou elle travaille ??? On n'avait pas été capapble de la trouver quand on est aller prendre l'avion pour retourner au Canada nous o-o ...

    Wahhh les vols avec ANA ont l'air super bien avec des enfants !!! o-o ...Les japonais ont toujours plus le tour ! Au moins elle a pu dormir et elle a pas pleurer trop pour ce vol !! Par contre, avec ANA j'ai eu un de ses mal d'oreille a notre arriver a Sapporo. Je sais pas si c'était a cause du pilote ou de l'endroit ou on était assit ...j'en ai eu pour 3 heures avant de retrouver l'usage parfait de mes oreilles !

    ''She seemed however confused as to why it was so dark.'' Lol j'imagine que ca doit etre un shock pour elle XD

    Allez ...bon voyage !!! ^^