Thursday, July 5, 2012

Never was a Valley so well named as Hidden Valley!

Today was our first real adventure! And what a day we had! Amidst the rain forecast (it is raining season after all) we drove 1 hour south of Manila to the town of Alaminos Batangas.

On our way there, we saw Banana farms, Coconut farms and we even saw a monkey road kill! Was I ever glad to be wearing a good bras! As I had found out in my first trip to the Philippines. When riding in car outside of the city of Manila, you often feel like you are sitting in an old wooden roller coaster! Even though it was suppose to be just about an hour away. It took us close to 2 hours to find Hidden Valley. Because Hidden Valley truly is hidden! 

We had to stop and ask our way around multiple times. We also stopped for some white corn. I will open a funny parentheses here... Everything is sweeter in the Philippines (mango... pineapple... avocado...)  Well... not corn! Our good old Peaches n' cream corn back home is so much sweeter. White corn is actually pretty tasteless.

So we finally found Hidden Valley. Because it is an actual hot spring resort, we registered for a day pass (about 50$ per person). The pass is good for a whole day and includes your lunch and dinner at the restaurant. Since it was already lunch time, we headed straight to eat! It was a buffet style Filipinos food buffet. Everything was delicious. There was also live music going from table to table. We got serenaded by a great rendition of Justin Beaver's Baby Baby. Hudson LOVED it and spent her whole time listening to the music.

As soon as we were done lunch, Tristan, Hudson and I headed out on a hike to the Hidden water fall. It took us about 35 minutes on a bamboo bridge path to reach the waterfall deep in the valley. Although the fall in itself is not the most amazing sight. The actual hike was great! We saw lots of different lizard and heard really cool bird signing. 


After visiting the fall, we headed back to the hot spring area and swam for the whole afternoon. I will let the pictures talk for themself!    

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  1. Des fermes de Banane et de coconut ??? Omg classe !!!
    Les arbres semble tellement gros !!! 0-0
    Lol Hudson semble avoir apprécié la baignade !!! ^^