Friday, July 6, 2012

SM Megamall

Day 3 was... well... you know! It's Manila... so yeah... Day 3 was shopping day! But let's go back to the start... We got up later than usual since Hudson decided it was "daytime" from 2 am to 5 am. We got ready and went out for lunch at a very fancy Chinese restaurant with Tristan's Aunts and Uncles. We had dim sum. It was good... But here is my pet peeve! So. It is 47 degree outside. Yes, I know that is warm. Yet, I froze all day! I actually was shivering and wished I had a jacket. That is because here in the Philippines people have an obsession with AC. It's like there is only was setting! Freezing! So as I tried to enjoy my "warm" meal, I ended up downing hot tea just to stop myself from shivering. I wished this restaurant was an exception but it is actually the norm. Now, off course I am thankful for the AC (I mean who really wants to do anything when it's 47 degree) but does it have to be so darn cold people!!!??? So then we headed out to Greenhills for some "fake" goods shopping (I write Fake in quotation mark, because it is not actually fake. Most of it is legitimate product that did not meet the brand's standard, such as grade B and C merchandise.) I almost bought a pair of Toms but they didn't have my size in the color I wanted. 

After Greenhills we headed out to SM Magamall. I have to say: I love SM (Giant department store... kind of like a very nice looking Walmart with staff that calls you mam.) We bought lots of things for the baby (including more flats because I definitively did not pack enough in my suitcase). 

Am I the only one who thinks these pillow are funny!

 We ended our shopping trip with mango shakes and Bibimka (my favorite). And here too I will open a parentheses... No matter how fancy the Chinese restaurant food is... I always end up liking the Filipino style restaurant much better! You seriously need to try a Bibimka if you haven't yet! A mix between a coconut sponge cake with cheese and butter. Baked in a banana leaf! So yummy! This pretty much sums up our day... Shopping-Cold-Eating... a far cry from Hidden Valley... but it had to be done. And the mango shake and bibimka made it worth it!!! lol

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