Wednesday, September 26, 2012

FTO Osaka

During all of my pregnancy, I kept telling my baby! You have to come out strong and healthy! So I can show you Osaka. Well! We did! Sadly enough, Osaka has changed. It has changed a lot. It is no where near are Funky as it use to be. It made me sad. But what made me even sadder was the fact that Hudson slept most of the time and Tristan was totally not impress by MY favorite city in the whole world. But that being said, we still managed to have an amazing time!!

We had Takoyaki at Tsutenkaku Tower!

We had Okonomiyaki in Dotombori!

And we did lot's of sightseeing! We mad-dashed Osaka in two days! We saw and we did everything the city had to offer!

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  1. Peut-etre que c'est la ville pour Hudson aussi si tu dis qu'elle dormait ! Elle qui ne semble jamais dormir !!!

    Ouais j'approuve suis toujours un peu triste quand je montres quelque chose que j'adore a quelqu'un et que l'impression est pas partager.