Monday, September 24, 2012

Little Miss Tuna is 11 months

Little Miss Tuna is 11 months. She was up every hour last night. That was what I like to call "a-bad-night". Otherwise... the rest of the time... she is up 3-4 times a night. Well more like 4-6 times... but I am so exhausted, most of the time I stop counting after the forth time she gets up. Still... I have to keep in mind, this is a major improvement. Little Miss Tuna is 11 months and has never slept the night. Not even close. Not even once. She doesn't have any teeth either. 

But little Miss Tuna can walk, can clap her hand and can feed herself. She poos on the toilet and love to "try" to color. She flips the pages of her books and can undo and do up velcro and snaps. But she won't sleep. She just won't sleep. I tried. I read the books. I tried even harder. I asked around. She just won't sleep. 

 Last week, the nurses at the doctors office told me, they couldn't believe how great her fine motor skills are. The ladies at the drop in day care also told me the same. I hear it all the time... I always answer the same thing. Off course she has great motor skills! She practices 24/7. She never takes a break... SHE NEVER SLEEPS! Off course I mean it as a joke! I am so proud and happy that Hudson is showing great motor skills. I am so happy that she is finally walking ( as of Aug 30, 2012). I am so proud that she could walk a whole 1km for Terry Fox and again yesterday as we went hiking. We are doing so well with all the milestones... except when it comes down to... yes... you guessed it... sleeping. So in honor of my dear 11 months old daughter! Who hates sleeping more than anything, I decided to post a few pictures that I would like to title as "My Baby Never Sleep" serie.

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