Saturday, September 1, 2012

Why you should take travel insurance when travelling!

Why? Because you just never know what will happen! As you read, we had to bring our daughter to the hospital because of an UTI. Well, we had to go back a few days later has she was having a very bad reaction to the antibiotic given. As she was finally getting better, it was my turn to be hit. But not with an UTI... I caught Dengue Fever which sent me straight to the hospital.

Not the great vacation we had planned... In total 8 hospitals visited, over 15 blood tests, 3 nights in a hospital, 5 emergency visits and a very long bill which our travel insurance took care off!

That being said, we have now been home for 2 weeks. In the next few days, I will start up-dating my blog again. I will not conclude the trip to the Philippines since I doubt anyone is interested in looking at hospital pictures! I will jump straight to the Japan portion of the trip. 

Now just before I go... This is a picture of our little family as Hudson celebrated 9 months! With me, at the hospital. 

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