Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A fish at the Chiro

So I caved in. I brought Hudson to a pediatric chiro. Actually, by now, she's already been in twice. And, not only that... I also went. I actually let a chiropractor touch my back! Because, you see, after some horrible experienceS 15 years ago, I don't let chiro anywhere me. I do however LOVE acupuncture. And well, this chiro also does acupuncture, so that was the real reason I willingly went in. But let's go back to Hudson first.

I, as everyone must be aware by now, am desperate to get my daughter to sleep better (or some days sleep at all). I had heard that some people, on the very same day they leave the hospital with their new bundle of joy, stop by the chiro to make sure their baby is well align. (You know birthing is after all very traumatic). So at this point I though, well... maybe she's hurting. Maybe that is why she hates being on her back (and always has), maybe that is why she is not sleeping well. So as I said before, I caved in. We went last Friday for our first time. The lady chiro was great, and made us feel very comfortable. I was very much hoping she would look at Hudson and say : "OMG! This poor child is so misaligned, no wonder she can't sleep! Let me fix it for you!" but unfortunately for us the discussion went more along these lines : "Wow! Look at this perfect little one! What great motricity! Her pelvis is slightly off and we can fix it, but I don't think its affects her sleeping at all...." And so she fixed that slight pelvis misalignment. We were back again yesterday and now she's all good. I mean physically. She did however sleep really well last night, but I doubt it had anything to do with the chiro, So now I am back to square one... Tomorrow we are starting message therapy with her to see if at least we can maybe get her to calm down...  We will continue to see the chiro once in a while but as the Dr said it herself... there is very little work for her with Hudson.

As for me, it is a whole different story. I am a major work case. That is not a surprise, between my circus injury, my competitive swimming wear and tear, the car accident and the pregnancy, my whole body feels more like I am 60 years old. So I started chiro/acupuncture/message therapy session. Hopefully everything can improve sooner than later!


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