Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A sunny morning in Miyajima!

We got up early on the morning of August 10 and took the shinkansen for Hiroshima. Upon arriving, we made our way to Miyajima first and for the first time ever, I was able to enjoy the sight, under a bright blue sky. No torrential rain, no mudslide… beautiful sunshine! We walked around for a bit and took lots of pictures. In front of the giant floating Tori, as we were taking pictures, we ran into a bunch of deer. (Yes deer just run amongst the tourists there).  What we were not expecting, was that Tristan was going to get attack by one of them… so let’s back track…
Early that morning, we got up and had breakfast (salmon, rice, miso soup)… but we were running a bit late and feared we might end up missing our train (and we did), so since Hudson was not done eating, I quickly wrapped a piece of the fish and threw it in Tristan’s pocket (without him even noticing).
Coincidentally, Tristan but both of our Japan rail pass in that same pocket and we made our way to the train station.
Fast forward back to Miyajima… The deer must have smelled the fish and dove into that pocket. I watched in horror, as the deer took a strong hold of our japan rail pass. Carrying Hudson in my Boba, I pounced on the deer and started pulling on the pass trying to get it out of its mouth. At the same time, a Chinese family from Minnesota (who were kind enough to take family pictures of us earlier) started trying to distract the deer away from the pass while two Japanese young man hold on to the back of the deer so it couldn’t take us in the mountain. A very awkward sight! Let me tell you! Tristan was just frozen there in complete surprise! He was still holding his camera and just could not even understand what had just happened! Then it struck him, if the deer suddenly let go of the pass, it could easily be flung by mistake in the ocean…  but before the deer could do anything, I finally got the pass back! What a relief!

After that incident, it was discovered that the fish was still in his pocket. We quickly got rid of it and went on visiting. We finished our morning, sitting around an okonomiyaki grill as we enjoyed a Hiroshima-fu oyster okonomiyaki!

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