Sunday, October 21, 2012

European Mad-dash part II : Mini-fox in Paris

October has been incredibly busy... First my trip to France, then my mom's wedding, and soon Hudson's birthday followed by halloween... all this while being in grad school fulltime and taking care of my little Tuna. Ouf........... absolutly exhausting......... so you will forgive me for being a bit behind in posting. I will try to finish the Japan trip posts by the end of november, and here is the last part for my France trip!

I presented in Nancy as part of a conference on "Passeurs de culture et transferts culturels". It was very interesting and a great chance to meet other people working in a similar field. Now just in case you wonder... what exactly is my field of study. Well... I will do my best to offer here a proper translation but it goes along the line of... "East-asian representations (China, Korea and Japan) in french-canadian litterature : cultural and formal hybridity." I am currently doing my PHD in Francophone studies.

One of the bigest disapointment of the trip was the fact that Hudson was suppose tp come with me... unfortunalty I lost my babysitter over there because of conflicting work schedule and had to leave Hudson behind. To make up for it, I brought Hudson's favorite stuff animal with me (well actually I brought his twin) and took picture of Mini-Fox at all the interesting sight.

So Mini-fox visited the Eiffel tower, l'Arc de Triomphe and more...



  1. Tu as un bon mois d'octobre !!! C'est vrai que ca doit etre l'anniversaire d'Hudson bientot !! Elle est née pendant que j'était au Japon je crois !

    Au moins elle aura de belle photo avec son animal en peluche a Paris ! Je suis sur qu'elle va aimer ca regarder les photos plus tard!

  2. Oui oui, son anniversaire est demain ;-)