Wednesday, October 3, 2012

European Mad-dash


Let's leave Japan to the side for a while, and let's head over to France! Where I am now! 

As a matter of fact, I am currently sitting on the floor of my hotel room. A wonderful little hotel, right in the middle of old Nancy. Walking distance from the train station. Hotel de Guise. Clean, friendly and historical! I love it!


So what has my days looked like since leaving... well... without Tuna around, I feel a bit like I've traveled in time and  went back to my old, full of unplanned, last minute adventurous life...

I slept for the whole flight. I got to Paris, jumped on a train after buying a baguette on the go and left for Nancy. On the train, I mostly hid in the toilet since I very very badly needed to pump!!!! Oh... I was in so much pain!  I got to Nancy and walked from the station to my hotel and took in most of the historical sites... I got to the hotel room, and pumped again! Then I went back out and went on a millefeuilles hunt! And millefeuilles I found! OMG! So good! I scored the last millefeuilles at the Boulangerie next door! It was delicious! I also bought a Pâté de la Loraine. It was also very tasty. I then went around town buying more local products. I came back with a beer, a freshmilk goat cheese, a baguette, two pâté (boar and goose) and carambars!

Then I pumped again! Do you know how sad it makes me having to throw away all this wonderful milk... Overall it was a success... I will pump one more time before going to bed!

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