Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Senbazuru for Hudson : Part III

Going to Hiroshima was a very important part of the trip. If you have been fallowing this blog for a while, you will without any doubts be familiar with the senbazuru  and Sadako’s story. Well, it was finally time for us to put a happy ending to our story. On the afternoon of August 10, we made our way to Hiroshima memorial park with not 1000 paper cranes but a suitcase full with 2500 paper cranes! With us, we had the paper crane for the baby I miscarried, but we also had 500 papercranes from the Tsunami relief fund’s fundraiser my sister organise, and another 1000 papercranes made by Ayumi’s kouhei for a Kyudou tournament. 
As it was time to say goodbye to our birds, I found myself overwhelmed by the whole situation. In a way, I was overcome with happiness, as I watched Hudson ring the bell of the monuments. But part of me was also devastated by what we had been through. We took many, many pictures. As it was finally time to hang the birds, I was having a hard time not crying. Leaving the birds behind was like saying goodbye. It was the end of a nightmare.  It was the last step I needed to come to term with the loss. 


There are still 2000 papercranes remaining in Hudson’s room. They are HER cranes. I hope one day, when she is older, she will make that same trip and go hang her birds. Until then, we do intend on making 1000 more for each of our kids.
I also hope, that in the future, we can, as a family, make a 1000 birds a year for the monuments, starting on October 24th of each year. 


Afterall, Hudson was born at 12:53pm on October 24th or 12:53 am on October 25th Japanese time. October 25th… the same day Sadako died in a Hiroshima hospital.

Please take a minute and watch this video.

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