Friday, November 30, 2012

The saga goes on!

It's the end of the semester... not easy to be in school, working, taking care of a baby.... AND a husband...

I am exhausted. I am so ready to be done. Two more assignments, lots of marking and one class left... and the semester will be thing of the past...

Now how has Hudson been since I last wrote. Well after having all of those major improvement, we are back to square one... She started teething again last Friday... since, she has barely slept, no naps... up every 25 to 60 minutes. So... yeah... great...

Whatever I do, I just don't seem to be able to catch a break! But then, today I thought : "it must be murphy's law". It's like "if you stop looking for what you lost, and you buy a new one, you are bound to find the one you lost!"...

So if I can't sleep train my baby... I decided to potty train her! So for the last 5 days, we had a 100% success rate with morning... she loves the toilet... but not so much the potty. 

We are not using any reward system... really if she goes great, if she doesn't "oh well"... I don't expect her to go without a diaper either... if things keep going well (and minus the Christmas holiday)... the goal is to have her daytime potty train by 18 months (April)... as for night time potty training... well I am hesitant doing anything there because of her poor sleeping habits.

So that's that!    

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My baby who never sleeps is sleeping!

It is 11 am...
I made breakfast
Did the weekly grocery, stopped by Dollarama...
Prepared a crockpot dinner
Did 2 loads of laundry, folded one
Stripped my cloth diaper
Did last night's dishes
Cleaned the kitchen
Swept the floor
Checked my e-mail
Wrote this post...

Did I mention Hudson has been with me all this time... Did I mention she is teething again and is in a crappy mood (and has been for 2 days now).

You see, my baby who never sleeps is sleeping much better. She is still not sleeping through the night but that was never my goal! My goal was to have a baby with proper sleeping habits, who would wake up well rested in the morning. As a bonus, I would wake up well rested as well.

So we made lots and lots of changes... the biggest one was without any doubt the fact that we were not going to force her to bed, actually we were not going to put her in bed anymore... We did as usual... dinner, playtime, bath, lotion, pj, reading a book... and then instead of going to bed, breastfeeding and fighting with her to sleep... we now go to the bedroom with the book, we put just a dim light one. I sit on the ground with her, read the book, breastfed her and then I tell her good night and close the light. The first night you could tell she had no idea what was going on... she played for close to 3 hours before she got upset and finally went to bed. It took her 2 nights to figure it out. Now when I am done breastfeeding her, she goes to the mattress, lights up her glowworm and usually drink a bit of milk from her bottle. Yesterday, she was asleep within 5 minutes! Just like that... I was still standing by the light switch... 

Actually even more impressive is the fact that yesterday morning, she went up the staircase, directly to her bed... (she brought me with her) I breastfed her and then she went to nap... once more on her own...

This morning was a bit different, I was not expecting her to nap this early. I was just giving her a snack and she fell asleep.

So Hudson now has 2 good naps a day, and my house is finally clean... my homework is finally getting done... and I am finally well rested! 

Hudson knows where her bed is... and she can get to it on her own. Basically when we realized at around 4 months that our daughter was not a good sleeper... and that the crib we had was useless in teaching her proper sleep habits... we went around looking... and this is what I found : the Montessori bed. I liked the idea and so did Tristan. We did the set up but then we never ended up utilizing it. 2 weeks ago, we really kick it in high gear... perhaps it is only a coincidence, perhaps she was just "ready"... but it has been working really really well for us... I still find it nerve wracking that she can basically get up and go anywhere in the room... but we baby proofed beyond imagination and so far, she really has not been wondering around (other than coming to our bed).

So this is where we are at... I am happy! I am so happy! The next step for us, is to get her to fall asleep when we are not in the room with her... we will see how that goes! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The day we did not go to Yanai

On our way back from Nara, we saw posters of what seemed to be a very very impressive festival! The Gold Fish festival of Yanai! So the next day, we decided to head out that way. It was far about 3-4 hours from Osaka, but it really looked like it would be worth the trek. So we took a very early over packed Shinkansen... We had no seats, so we had to stand for close to 2 hours, with a baby in my boba.... Not fun.... but hey! We really wanted to go! 

We passed Hiroshima and kept on going towards Yamaguchi... and then... the rain... Not just a little bit of rain.... torrential down pour. So much rain that our connecting train stopped running because of severe track flooding. So we waited for close to 2 hours... just in hope they would reopen the seaside track. No luck... So we headed back towards Hiroshima unsure of what we would do next. Talk about a long trip for nothing.

In Hiroshima the weather was nicer, but by fear of getting stuck in an over crowded train in the evening, we kept on going toward Osaka... But once we got to Mihara station, a lot of people got out. We were curious... why would so many people, all stop in such a small place... so we got out as well. Turns out there was a Octopus festival on that day! So we joined in the fun and ate grill octopus arms for lunch...

Then we went back on the train and stopped in Fukuyama to take some pictures with the very nice castle...

And later that night we finally made it back to Osaka...

Not the day we had planned, but we had lots of fun still!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


After our very emotion filled day in Hiroshima, we headed out to another one of my favorite city in Japan, the historical city of Nara. While planing for this trip, I was really excited by the prospect of bringing Hudson and Tristan to Nara... The city with the deers crossing at the intersection (while obeying the pedestrian signal...) But after our little mishap with the deers in Miyajima, I started to be a bit more concern about having to face hundreds if not thousands of deers in the city. So we headed out in mid-morning and got there right at lunch time.

We first grabbed lunch, and since Hudson decided she ONLY wanted to walk, it took us all afternoon to make the trek to the Daibustu temple. By the time we got there, it was closing but we managed to sneak in with the last few people. The place was so empty it gave us great opportunities to take lots of pictures. 


And that is pretty much the only think we saw in Nara... We had plan on temple hopping, but with an eight months old baby that only wanted to walk, it slowed us down tremendously. Still we had a blast as Hudson tried to catch deers, and even fed one.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Ode to My-baby-who-never-sleeps

Dear baby who never sleeps, I would write you a poem but I am just too tired to get my brain going. Each day is a struggle to get you to sleep. Last Friday, out of despair, mommy went out and bought you a very very expensive stroller just so you would nap in the afternoon. You know one of those stroller with a memory foam as a seat. Comfy! Mommy, spent countless hours on the internet trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. Yes, because I have come to believe that it is not you... but me the problem. Mommy refuses to just let you cry yourself to sleep. I would hate to cry myself to sleep! I did it as a teenager when my dad passed away, I did it again after loosing your unknown sibling. I do not wish it to anyone. I will NOT let you cry yourself to sleep. No one deserve to fall asleep that way! What kind of sweet dreams would you have?

So there is where we stood. You wanting to play and eat all night, and me wanting to sleep. You know, just a little. Just so I would get enough sleep to get my brain working to get my school work done. Remember my dear little Tuna... mommy is TRYING to get her PHD. Not that it matters to you... but really... it matters to mommy.

So does this mean that I failed? I just can't believe I'm alone. There has to be other babies out there who just won't sleep... You? Do you really get a full night of sleep?

So 6 days ago, I tried something that was completely against my idea of parenting... I said "Screw your schedule"... Yes that same schedule I have been insisting on for the past 12 months. I said... here you go darling. Here is a book, here is a stuff animal, and here is your glowbug night light... mommy is going to bed. And so I did. I left my daughter on the bedroom floor with full access to her bed and went to sleep. (Mind you we share a room so I was but an arm length away from her). She played from 7 pm to 10h30 pm... she fussed a little and then on her own, like a big girl, she went to bed. Just like that. As if she had always done it! Even better, she only woke up once over night! 

So the next day we tried again... by 9pm she was fast asleep... no crying... woke up 3 times only... 
Since then, we have kept on going. I set her up between 7-7h30 and by 8-8h30 she is asleep. I do get a little whining but no hysterical crying. 

Sunday I was really worried because of the time change, but to my greatest surprise, she just went with the flow and was seemingly completely non-affected by the change... she even slept that extra hour (this morning too).

So somehow, for the first time in months, I feel like there is hope... I feel like things are improving. And even better, Hudson has a smile on her face as she falls asleep, and I have a smile on my face as I wake up rested in the morning... if all goes well, I will start limiting her night time feeding in the next few weeks... And with a little bit of luck and a whole lot of hard work, this child might actually sleep through the night by the time she is 2 years old! Who knows! 50 weeks to go!