Wednesday, November 7, 2012


After our very emotion filled day in Hiroshima, we headed out to another one of my favorite city in Japan, the historical city of Nara. While planing for this trip, I was really excited by the prospect of bringing Hudson and Tristan to Nara... The city with the deers crossing at the intersection (while obeying the pedestrian signal...) But after our little mishap with the deers in Miyajima, I started to be a bit more concern about having to face hundreds if not thousands of deers in the city. So we headed out in mid-morning and got there right at lunch time.

We first grabbed lunch, and since Hudson decided she ONLY wanted to walk, it took us all afternoon to make the trek to the Daibustu temple. By the time we got there, it was closing but we managed to sneak in with the last few people. The place was so empty it gave us great opportunities to take lots of pictures. 


And that is pretty much the only think we saw in Nara... We had plan on temple hopping, but with an eight months old baby that only wanted to walk, it slowed us down tremendously. Still we had a blast as Hudson tried to catch deers, and even fed one.

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