Sunday, December 30, 2012

Where in the world are we now?

Well, here we are in beautiful British Columbia! Actually we've been here for just over a week now! With the holidays, we have been extremely busy! So here is a little up-dates!

First off, we flew with Sunwing airlines on December 22. After a long drive to the airport and a short stay in a ditch on the side of the road... the roads were really icy. And lots of cars just slide off the road. But not us... No sir! Instead, we purposely drove straight into the ditch... Yes, that's right! lol Well the whole story is that we took the side roads because the highway was close for an accident. Tristan needed to pee so we stopped on the side of the street. We gently pulled over on what looked like a snow covered shoulder.... but it was in fact a ditch!

So we finally made it to Brampton, where we had a quick little Christmas with Great-grand-pa and Great-grand-ma. Hudson received a stuff animal (a black cat) and it was a hit! It was not left her arms since then. The poor creature is already so stinky and dirty, but she loves him SOOOOOO much! 

Then we headed up to the airport. We were early and avoided all the line up. Except the airline made a screw up so we ended up having to go through security TWICE! With a tired hungry baby!!! On the worst day of the year to fly! The airline representative give us such a bullshit explanation as to why the mistake, it sent me fuming! I highly doubt we will ever fly with then again! (I would like to take a minute and apologize to Aircanada for saying they were the worst.... they are now second worst to Sunwing!)

The flight was uneventful and Hudson slept the whole way. (Yeah!) And made it to my in-laws in Richmond!

The days that fallowed were very busy getting the last minute shopping done (Including Daiso!!!!) and sightseeing! 


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