Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hudson is 15 months!

Hudson is 15 months and officially, she still fits in an infant bucket! She now weights just under 22lbs at 21.8 lbs and is a very impressive 27 inches tall. So basically, she continues to hover at the very bottom of the height chart. With every passing day, it is becoming obvious that her body type will make her more of a short track speed skater than a swimmer. (Yeah... I am still thinking Olympian here... I can dream, right?)

With that being said, the last month has been one of many adjustment. 2 more teeth came out (for a grand total of 4), we battled jet lag and mommy went back to school, and we settled on a new (yet again) bedtime strategy! This one!

Except, I took his first advice (which was also the same advice given by our pediatrician).... If Hudson can't sleep through the night now... it's probably because she can not... and not because I failed as a parent to give her a proper sleep routine or sleep training..

"I don’t recommend any forced sleep changes during the first year of life. Probably the only exception to this would be an emergency involving a nursing mom’s health. There are many suggestions in books and magazines for pushing “sleeping through the night” during a baby’s early months or during the first year. I don’t think this is the best thing to do and I am quite sure that the earlier a baby gets “non-response” from parents, the more likely he is to close down at least a little."

So Hudson still pretty much breastfeeds through the night... Still doesn't sleep well and wakes up multiple time through out the night... and that will probably be the case for a while longer... but at least I now get 1 very decent nap a day from her!!!

So Hudson's favorite activities are (In that order) : 
  • Breastfeeding (yes, I am starting to believe it is a hobby of hers!)
  • Giving treats to the cat!
  • Being tickle by daddy!
  • Swimming!
  • Cleaning (especially the floor)
  • And listening to Pingu Pingu

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