Sunday, February 24, 2013

For your child's sake

Ok, so I wasn't sure if I was going to right this post or not! But this week Hudson has started to climb everywhere... I found her standing on top of the table, just yesterday!!! For this reason, I thought it would be time for me to say:

PLEASE if you have young children at home, bolt all your furniture to the wall!!!

Seriously, I am not one for meddling with other people's life! You can raise your kids, however you want! You can breastfed them, give them formula, use disposable diapers or cloth! But please, make sure all the furniture in your house is secure and cannot tip over! You can ask my mom, I have been a pain about this! Sure I let my kid run loose, she's not always dress warm enough (according to people, according to me she is just fine), I let her fed herself... but in our house every piece of furniture is bolted! Also please beware of TV sitting on top of table or dresser!

Why am I saying this!!! Well because every year, kids get injured... or even die under a toppled dresser! 

Years ago. I was 14 years old. It was a morning of March. I was babysitting 3 kids aged 2-4-6. I use to babysit these kids 2-3 times a week. I knew them well! They were all very intelligent, spunky, fun-loving, agile and mature kids... 

It was morning, I was preparing the snacks... the oldest one was helping me. The two girls had gone to get dressed on the upper floor! That is when I heard the loudest BANG! you can imagine. I knew it was bad! I dropped everything I was doing! I ran to the second floor and found a big 5 drawers dresser laying flat on the ground. The TV that was sitting on top of it had rolled across the room. Underneath it, layed the 2 years old little girl. Her head was sticking out on one side and she was conscious. I tried to lift the dresser but it was too heavy. I screamed to the 4 years old to call her dad at work! I managed to lift the dresser just high enough so that the 6 years old could wedge something underneath it and pull his sister out! We left her on the ground. I was afraid of moving her too much. She was breathing and in and out of consciousness. She was bruised! Her dad showed up (he worked across the street). He took his daughter down and jumped on the snowmobile... he rushed her to the villages clinic (no hospital and doctor, we lived on a reserve in James Bay). They did some test... she was fine... only a concussion. To this day, I still cannot believe she was fine! Nothing broken! Just bruised. A pure miracle. I still babysat these kids 2-3 times a week. They are now all grown up and in college. But this happy ending is not the case for every family. If this story did not convince you, please read this post.

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