Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tuna is 17 months today!

Tuna is 17 months today! This past month has been filled with new milestones and achievement!

  • She slept through the night for the first time!!! (Must have been a fluke, because it did not happened again)
  • She got one new tooth bringing the grand total to 6 (and there is another one on the way)
  • Within one week, she added over 10 words to her vocabulary! Which is kind of a relief because so far she had been a little bit behind language wise.
  • She also made her first sentence! "oh-oh miaow miaow bobo, no no no" translation: Oh no, the cat got hurt, this is no good.
  • After having a bad cold, she is now an expert nose blower!
  • She still enjoys breastfeeding!

Her favorite new toys are Play d'Oh and Mr. Potato.

And since mommy let's her watch 10-15 minutes of youtube a day, her favorite show is "The Smurfs".

And the biggest milestone of them all....

Drum roll...

Tuna had a growth spur and is now officially just over 30 inches tall!!!!!

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