Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tuna is 18 months today!!!

Tuna is 18 months today, but to be honest, I feel it is more of a milestone for me than for her! Today, I have been breastfeeding Hudson for 18 months! Even thought my original plan was to breastfeed her until she is 2 years old (as recommended by the World Health Organization), we had many many rough patches along the way, and for a little while, it really seemed like we were not going to make it.

First Hudson was born, and my milk refused to come in... blame the c-section or perhaps the very rapid (much to rapid) weight loss I had in the first few months following birth. Then there was all the dietary cuts I had to make because of her severe reflux. No spice, no diary, no acidic food... really other than boiled chicken and rice there was not much left for me to eat (and we all know what I think of chicken and rice......). Then when it finally looked like we were doing well, I contracted Dengue Fever. Hudson was nine months and during those 8 days, I completely lost my supply. I was so sick. I was not able to breastfeed for a week... and when I finally came out of the hospital, all milk was gone. Gone... gone... gone... I was heartbroken. I think Hudson was too. But even worst... she was loosing weight very quickly because she had not quite started solid food yet and would continually throw up any brand formula we tried to give her. So I did what I could, and pumped, and ate, and ate oatmeal cookies and after two weeks, it started coming back. It wasn't enough but it was something. By the time Hudson was 10 months, we were back on track! She had a little strike at around 13 , but it only lasted a few days... But then came 14 months with a whole new challenge. I got pregnant! Yeah!!! Except, once more my supply tanked. But to my relief, it did not seem to phase Hudson too much, as she is still going strong! 

At this point, I really don't know if we will make it to 2 years. Baby number two (or tadpole, as we like to call it) is due right before Hudson's second birthday. In order for Hudson to nurse until 2, I would have to tandem nurse... It probably is a decision I will not really make myself. I will probably just go with the flow. There is a strong chance that before we get there Hudson might even stop on her own, and that is fine too. (And I kind of hope she will) but if she doesn't than so be it ;-)

In other news... well yes! I am pregnant. I am 16 weeks today. I am doing much better than last pregnancy (although the morning sickness have been 100% worst)... but that will be the subject of a later post.

Hudson is sleeping better as well. She still wakes up a lot but most the time, she will not require our assistance.

Hudson is still lacking in the teeth department! Last months I said she had 6 teeth and more on the way... well I lied... she only had 5 back then... and now at 18 months, she still only has 5. But the good news is... there are 6 little white bumps on the way and two none white bumps as well... so hopefully soon, she will have 8 more ;-)

Hudson is also speaking a whole lot. In french, in english... and in japanese. She loves fishes, fishing, cats, hello kitty and her sand box.

I also just finished my winter semester in University. I did much better than last semester. Thanks to Ayumi. I now only have 1 classes left to take (this summer), and I will be done my course load!! I am so excited about that. Next step will be passing in front of my comity and setting up a date for my comprehensive exam. If all goes well, I am hoping to write my exams next spring.

This weekend I am presenting at a conference and then I get 2 weeks off before the start of the next semester. I am looking forward to a little time off at home!

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  1. Happy 18 month Hudsonnn !!!
    Je suis contente de lire qu'elle dort mieux maintenant !! A chaque fois que je lis ton blog je dois admettre que je suis vraiment impressionné ! J'espère pouvoir en faire autant pour mon enfant quand j'en aurai un !