Thursday, June 27, 2013

Harvest Share Food Box week 2

So we just picked up our second box...

I wished the picture would tell how yummy it looked!

This week the featured item is Kale.

There is also Garlic Scapes! I had never heard of it before getting some in the box. I already used some to add to one of my smoke salmon-radish dip!

The featured recipe is Kale Chips! Although I have eaten kale before I had never tried to have it that way. (I know, I know... somany people on my friend's list swear by it!) So we baked some... not only did it look and smell yummy.... it tasted great! A perfect by the pool snack!

An added bonus... Hudson LOVED it.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Little Tuna is 20 months!

Well it just occurred to me that I never posted about Tuna turning 19 months... You can blame it on a very busy life at home and at school... mix with a bit of sadness as Ayumi left us to go back to Japan. So, with that being said, what have we been up too... 

Tuna is still breastfeeding, we are still working on the potty training which now stands at 90% (basically we are still working on overnight and long car ride), Tuna speaks speaks speaks... she also has a mind of her own and is really good at saying No! and AGAIN!!! Tuna loves the park, loves the pool and loves the sand box. Basically Tuna loves being outside. A typical day looks like... breakfast, outside, outside, lunch, walk+nap, outside, snack, outside, dinner, bath time, bed. I roughly calculated that on a good weather day, she is outside for over 7 hours... ouf... but isn't that where a kid should be!

Tuna also loves Hello Kitty and cars... She loves her hot wheels and she loves her blinged out hello kitty gears.

Tuna is also getting really excited about "Bébé"... she insist on sharing everything with "bébé"... needless to say my belly is generally really sticky... between the fact that she tries to feed bébé and she likes to share her stickers with bébé... you get the picture. Bébé also gets lots of kisses! We started preparing things for "bébé" and she loves to help. She has also been practicing how to put diapers on her doll.... 15 weeks to go....

As for me, I am doing fairly well. It has been so far a much easier pregnancy (knock on wood) and time is flying by... mostly because I have been so busy with school and Tuna.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Buying local... 20 weeks of summer

So a few weeks ago, we received a pamphlet in our mail box about a Harvest Food Share Program. 20 boxes full of locally grown fruits and vegetables for 20 weeks. We do have access to a farmer's market near by, but in the last few years, I was something surprise to find out that what we were buying was not always local... (Happened with corn, more than once...) I researched the program a bit more and read lot's of positive reviews... we decided to give it a try. There were two different size boxes available. We took the biggest one (28$ a week) and decided to share it between two family (so 14$ each family a week). With the weekly box, we receive a feature item and a recipe to go with it. We are also provided with information about each product (which farm it comes from). 

This week we went a head and picked up our first box. I will be honest, it was a lot smaller than we expected... and a lot smaller than the pictures I had seen from last year. We were explained that the season was a bit delayed because of the weather and that they would make up for it in the next few weeks. (Fair enough!) That being said, I quickly did the math and we really were getting our money's worth. 

I decided for the next 20 weeks (as much as possible) to post a picture of the box. We will also attempt to make every recipe provided. If you would like more information, you can visit the facebook group. All the recipe can be found there in their "Note" section.

So this week's feature item is Rhubarb! The recipe is a rhubarb custard pie! Mom and I with Hudson's help got it ready in no time! It looked delicious and tasted amazing! Definitively a recipe we will make again!

For dinner tonight, we also had some of the pepper, mushroom, zucchinis and spinach. Now everything was good, but let's talk about spinach!!! Seriously... I didn't even know spinach could look as leafy and full of life as the one we received. It really did not look like what we buy at the grocery!! And let me tell you, they were GOOD!!! At this point, I have to say we are really excited about the box and can't wait for the next one!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Recipe - Natural Bug spray

I use to buy a very effective all natural bug spray but unfortunately I found out today that the company no longer exist... But have no fear, the internet is here... and I started scavenging around for ideas. First I decided to use the exact same ingredient that could be found in the spray I liked... then I consulted numerous DIY recipe to have a better idea of the quantity I should use for all the ingredients... so here is what I found out and what I did.

  • First! Different essential oil will have different repellent properties. Some are better for mosquito, some for tics.... so depending what you need, you can easily find online list. I decided to go with a good mix that works well against both mosquito and tics.
  • I do not have a definite step by step recipe... reason is... You can pretty much play it by ear to make it work for you! The only thing that really matter is RATIO!
  • You can want to achieve a ratio of  10% essential oil, 90% carrier. If you are going to use it on young kids, you can go as low as 5% essential oil, 95% carrier. 
  • There are many option for the carrier. Any oil (grape seed oil, olive oil, almond oil....) will do. I decided not to do mine with coconut oil because of it's tendency to harden. But I don't see why you couldn't use it!
  • Essential oil is not that hard to find and can be use for so many DIY natural product! It is worth investing a few dollars on a basic assortment of oil.
What I did:

  • I used a small spray bottle (travel size, from the dollar store.) I measure 1/10 or 10%. And marked a small line.
  • I filled the bottle with essential oil to the line. I use Citronella for half and then a mixture of Lavender, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Tea tree oil for the other half. You can play around with the different oil if you want a specific scent to come out stronger. How ever, Citronella remains your main oil... and will be the strongest smell of them all.
  • Fill the rest of the bottle with your carrier. (I used Olive oil)
 And that is it! It is ready to use!

I do suggest, before you use it on your kids, to try on a small area to make sure there is no reaction. Essential oil are really concentrated and in some cases, Tea tree oil can cause small rashes. As I said, you can play with the overall ratio... but I really don't recommend going any stronger than 10%.

You can find most essential oil at your local health store.