Sunday, June 23, 2013

Little Tuna is 20 months!

Well it just occurred to me that I never posted about Tuna turning 19 months... You can blame it on a very busy life at home and at school... mix with a bit of sadness as Ayumi left us to go back to Japan. So, with that being said, what have we been up too... 

Tuna is still breastfeeding, we are still working on the potty training which now stands at 90% (basically we are still working on overnight and long car ride), Tuna speaks speaks speaks... she also has a mind of her own and is really good at saying No! and AGAIN!!! Tuna loves the park, loves the pool and loves the sand box. Basically Tuna loves being outside. A typical day looks like... breakfast, outside, outside, lunch, walk+nap, outside, snack, outside, dinner, bath time, bed. I roughly calculated that on a good weather day, she is outside for over 7 hours... ouf... but isn't that where a kid should be!

Tuna also loves Hello Kitty and cars... She loves her hot wheels and she loves her blinged out hello kitty gears.

Tuna is also getting really excited about "Bébé"... she insist on sharing everything with "bébé"... needless to say my belly is generally really sticky... between the fact that she tries to feed bébé and she likes to share her stickers with bébé... you get the picture. Bébé also gets lots of kisses! We started preparing things for "bébé" and she loves to help. She has also been practicing how to put diapers on her doll.... 15 weeks to go....

As for me, I am doing fairly well. It has been so far a much easier pregnancy (knock on wood) and time is flying by... mostly because I have been so busy with school and Tuna.

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