Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Recipe - Natural Bug spray

I use to buy a very effective all natural bug spray but unfortunately I found out today that the company no longer exist... But have no fear, the internet is here... and I started scavenging around for ideas. First I decided to use the exact same ingredient that could be found in the spray I liked... then I consulted numerous DIY recipe to have a better idea of the quantity I should use for all the ingredients... so here is what I found out and what I did.

  • First! Different essential oil will have different repellent properties. Some are better for mosquito, some for tics.... so depending what you need, you can easily find online list. I decided to go with a good mix that works well against both mosquito and tics.
  • I do not have a definite step by step recipe... reason is... You can pretty much play it by ear to make it work for you! The only thing that really matter is RATIO!
  • You can want to achieve a ratio of  10% essential oil, 90% carrier. If you are going to use it on young kids, you can go as low as 5% essential oil, 95% carrier. 
  • There are many option for the carrier. Any oil (grape seed oil, olive oil, almond oil....) will do. I decided not to do mine with coconut oil because of it's tendency to harden. But I don't see why you couldn't use it!
  • Essential oil is not that hard to find and can be use for so many DIY natural product! It is worth investing a few dollars on a basic assortment of oil.
What I did:

  • I used a small spray bottle (travel size, from the dollar store.) I measure 1/10 or 10%. And marked a small line.
  • I filled the bottle with essential oil to the line. I use Citronella for half and then a mixture of Lavender, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Tea tree oil for the other half. You can play around with the different oil if you want a specific scent to come out stronger. How ever, Citronella remains your main oil... and will be the strongest smell of them all.
  • Fill the rest of the bottle with your carrier. (I used Olive oil)
 And that is it! It is ready to use!

I do suggest, before you use it on your kids, to try on a small area to make sure there is no reaction. Essential oil are really concentrated and in some cases, Tea tree oil can cause small rashes. As I said, you can play with the overall ratio... but I really don't recommend going any stronger than 10%.

You can find most essential oil at your local health store. 

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