Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My little Tuna is all grown up... 21 months and counting

My little Tuna is all grown up... ok not really... but I can't believe how quickly she went from being a baby to being a toddler. She use to cry when she was hungry... now she goes to the fridge and looks for what she wants or she ask for Mommy's milk (yep we are still going strong after 21 months of breastfeeding). She use to wake up in the middle of the night crying... now she wakes up in the middle of the night... crying... ok not much has changed here. lol She can pick her clothing. She can go to the fridge and bring mommy a Perrier if I ask her. 

But I think her greatest achievement so far this summer is how quickly she is improving as a swimmer! I am even starting to think she might swim a full pool length BEFORE she sleeps through the night.

On her spare time, Hudson likes collecting rocks, throwing rocks in the water and stashing rocks in her sun hat. She loves going on the trampoline and playing in her sandbox. She loves long walk and afternoon at the park. You know... the good life ;-)

We have yet to enter the terrible two phase (although we had a preview of what is to come last week during our trip to Ottawa)... For now, I will cross my finger that what we went through at the Canadian Mint Museum will NEVER EVER happen again...


  1. I miss you guys! :( Hudson is soo cute and adorable! Time flies too fast! - Mae

  2. C'est vraiment super qu'elle soit a l'aise dans l'eau comme ca ! Beaucoup moins stressant !!! Fait attention avec les roches XDDD j'avais commencé une collection quand j'était petite ...quand ma mere faisait mes poches elles trouvait a tout coup plein de roches XDDDD