Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What 2013 has taught me

Well, this has been a really busy Holiday season! I did not have time for a few posts I had planned. On Christmas eve my little man turned 3 months old! He is doing great and he is a great sleeper, on most nights, he sleeps through the night... on the other hand... his sister is still not sleeping much...

Last night we rang in the New Year, in our warm comfy bed, after a great day sliding and visiting friends. I made my New Year Resolution (drink more water) and tackled the 2014.

For a while I was tempted in writing a year in review post, but decided instead to write a "What has 2013 taught me" post instead... so without further delay... here it is! 

(In no particular order)
-You don't know how easy it is to have 1 kid until you have a second one!
-Tandem nursing sucks! (but we are still going strong)
-When your legs are hairier than the cat's, it is time to shave them!
-Never send your husband by himself  for a hair cut!
-Leaving your kid for the first time at school/daycare is heart wrenching!
-A chiro is your best friend during pregnancy!
-It is amazing how quickly a gastro enteritis can spread!
-When you have kids in school/daycare you encounter illnesses you have never heard off before! (Hand, mouth and foot disease for us).
-Some babies are just naturally good sleeper (parents should stop taking the credit)
-Some babies are just naturally horrible sleeper (no your parenting skills don't suck)
-A VBAC is amazing!
-You don't realize how horrible the recovery of a c-section is until (unless) you've had a natural birth!
- Even a third degree tear and horrible hemorrhoids is still more enjoyable to recover from than a c-section!
-Using all natural, home made cleaner is the best, especially when your toddler decides to use it to wash her little brother! (no harm done, it was vinegar and orange peel)
-In DIY renovation, the final cost never matches the estimate your husband gave you!
-Having one of each is expensive!
-Having one of each is fun!
-Phénix is a very common name.... on our street... 
-Santa exists!
-Papa has no money (No money papa)
-No matter how many toys your kid gets on Christmas eve, you will find them playing with some empty bottles and old tennis ball on Christmas morning!
-Even if it is sunny in the forecast, as soon as your tent is set up, it will rain.
-You can live with 3 hours a sleep a night!
-You can survive on 3 hours of sleep a week!
-2 kids + PHD studies = a very ambitious mother of two who is constantly nearing a burn out!
-Give scissor to your toddler and she shall cut! (including the table cloth)
-Some toddlers have a fascination for everything sharp! 
-I am lucky to have the people I have in my life!

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