Monday, February 24, 2014

Metal sheet board, DIY

As we start arranging things around the house (as we transform our house, from a two adults household, to a many kids paradise), my husband and I are relying more and more on Pinterest to solve some simple problems, to get some design ideas and to get inspire!

Lately, it had become obvious that we needed to give Hudson a surface where she could doodle all day. We debated for a while if we were going to get her a whiteboard or a blackboard... we liked the idea of a dust free white board, but we previously had a horrible experience with the DIY whiteboard paint... the biggest waste of money, it never worked and left us with a wall to strip and repaint... so we opted for black board (we also thought it would look better anyway and we bought dustless chalk).

We thought the best place to do it was on our dividing wall in the kitchen, this way Hudson can be entertained, and mommy can cook dinner. On that wall, we already had a cork board and a white board but never liked the overall look... so Pinterest here we came... 

We decided to purchase a metal sheet and use it as a magnetic/white board! Yes, you can use metal just like a white board! Technically we could even have painted it with the chalk paint to make a magnetic chalk board, but that was not our plan ;-)

So here it is! We bought a 45X45 inches metal sheet (26 gauge) for 20$ (they custom cut it to the size and shape we wanted), painted the bottom wall with chalk paint (11$) and framed the whole project with white trim (15$) And voila!

We painted the chalk paint directly on the wall, and stud screwed the metal sheet. We then installed a trim matching the door frame trim. Last we painted the trim white! and Done!

The dreaded 4 months sleep regression! Phénix is finally 5 months!

Oh the o-so-dreaded-4-months-sleep-regression! Try it! Type sleep regression on google and see what comes up! Pages after pages of mothers on the verge of exhaustion wondering what on earth is wrong with their baby who used to be such a good sleeper!!! Then follows as many post promoting the wonder of sleep training, from Ferber to Cry-it-out, from how to extend nap to teach your baby to self sooth...
Well, all you complaining people... I laugh at thee. Yes! Oh oh... I guess some of you are upset now. See the truth is... I have no pity... no empathy either... Do you know how much I wanted to live through a sleep regression with Hudson! Yes! I was begging for one! Because a sleep regression meant that at one point, she had been a good sleeper... it meant that at one point she had probably slept for more than an hour... Today Hudson is 28 months... and I can honestly say... we NEVER had a sleep regression with her... where could it possibly have regressed too... she did not sleep anyway! Off course, now she is a better sleeper, and will sometimes sleep through the night, like once last week! And then there are night where she is up on the hour... very inconsistent... well.. off course I am exhausted... but I also swore I would never complain if one of my kid happened to be a good sleeper and suddenly went through a sleep regression. 

And well Phénix turned 4 months, had a stomach bug, a stuffed nose, he's teething... and well you guessed it... he has not really sleep all month... except in someone's arm, while standing and walking back and fourth. That sucks... sure... I am exhausted... and yes... I am already back to work... But a masochistic part of me is so happy we are going through this sleep regression! Yes! For two reasons! First because, I know when all is said and done, he will start sleeping through the night again (and probably sooner than later) and two, because prior to this sleep regression I was able to get some rest... 3 months of decent nights have left me with some energy to make up for this month's short coming

Off course, I don't wish a sleep regression to anyone, but I am a bitter mom, and with Hudson in our life, I have learned to value my sleep. So, if your baby is currently going through a sleep regression, just be thankful that at some point, you were able to get him to sleep... and hang on to the fact that in a few weeks, it will all be over! And if by any chance you are the mom to a kid, who just like Hudson "needs not to sleep"... Just hang on... one day, they shall be a teenager! 

So Phénix is 5 months today! Hudson is 28 months... guess which one sleeps better. 

And then there are days like this.... Notice anything on the picture? We waited for over an hour... in line... so she could go mushing... 

When her turn finally came, she was fast asleep... no matter how hard we tried, we could not wake her up... so mushing she went... and sleeping she did.... and has no recollection of her ballad on the frozen lake...