Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mudroom DIY Part 1

When we bought the house, 7 years ago... we actually purchased a very different model... Then there were some issues with the permits and ended up moving to a different neighborhood, on a different lot, in a different model. The neighborhood was much better and the lot nicer and bigger (for the same price). The house was also bigger.... but the layout was not what we wanted. 

However, in the end, we thought with a little bit of work here and there, we could make it work. One of the biggest pet peeve about this house, was all the wasted square footage in the entrance room.... It it huge but has a bad layout. We knew, we wanted to turn the space into a nice functional mudroom, and with two kids it became apparent that we needed it NOW! So after browsing Pinterest a whole lot... we came up with our own little design... 

We started off by building two benches for the opposing walls. The goal was to have 5 lockers space (2 adults, 3 kids....) We used MDF and trimmed it with Pine. We used THIS tutorial but with our own measurements. Then we painted the whole thing white. At first the whole unit was going to be white... but then we found some beautiful Pine on sale and decided to do a mix white and stained pine....


We up-cycled some baskets to store the hats and mittens. And I made cushions with fabric from our local fabric store. 


We installed wood paneling on both side (because I love the wood paneling style... although I wanted to paint it white, my husband convinced me to let the beauty of the natural wood peek out from a light stain)

And built a custom overhead cabinet... and there is where I will stop the preview! We still have lots of work to do... like staining, trimming, cleaning and staging... so make sure to come back in a few weeks to see the final product! (You can't see it on the picture but the seat's edges have been routed into a nice trim. I will have close up pictures of that too)


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