Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My little guy is reaching so many milestone lately... it is hard to keep track! He added a few consonant sound just recently, started lifting himself to stand. Loves walking around while holding our hands, and is trying really hard to crawl (although no success on that front just yet!)

For the last few weeks, I let him play with some food (we did Baby led weaning with Hudson and will do it again with Phenix). He loves smashing it, but wants nothing to do with swallowing any. The look of disgust when food gets in his mouth tells all. lol Hudson only really started eating solid food closer to 9 months, so no worries there. Beside, he is such a big baby, the calorie dense breast milk is still the best option for him!

On the elimination communication front, he is doing great! He is slightly a head of his sister was at that age. I just love having 1 or 2 or 3 less poopy diaper a day to change. 

This month, Phenix was also able to add one more childhood illness to his repertoire.... after hand mouth and foot, gastroenteritis, influenza type B, he had Croup.... *sight* and to think at that age, Hudson had never been sick... not even a runny nose... lol

Phénix also got 2 teeth this months! His first!  That was really surprising to me as Hudson only got her first after turning 1. 

And since we are on the subject... Hudson this month got 2 new molars! 3 baby teeth to go and they will finally all be out. 

Like her brother she caught croup...

And well she is now a 30 months old breastfeeding toddler. 

She is thriving on all front, including in argumentation. lol She is her mom's daughter! lol

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