Friday, April 18, 2014

The true measure of success!

Being successful has always been really important to me! In my everyday life, in everything I do! I pride myself in the work I undertake, in the lifestyle I have and in the friends and family I surround myself with. As you probably know, I am dedicated to my studies while directing an household of four. For the most part, I feel very successful in both my family and work life! But I must admit that over the years, the way I measure success has greatly changed.


An academic publication = success


A conference well done = success


A clean, well kept house = success


Success also equals = surviving another day with a toddler and an infant

Success also equals = a trip to the grocery with two kids

Success also equals = any outing without a tantrum

Success also equals = having both kids in bed withing 3 hours


Success also equals = everything else that comes with kids that you never thought would ever be part of your life again such as

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