Wednesday, May 21, 2014

End of May! You know what this mean?

Fantine from the broadway production of Les Miserables

It is the end of May, and in this house, it has typically mean 3 things... School is almost done!! (We are all teachers or students!) hockey and basketball playoff is full own! AND the most important of all.... time to start thinking about Halloween!

Hello Kitty (can't see the tail in the picture)
Yes! I know, for most of you, it is way to early to start thinking about this "one day" step out of the routine at the end of October... but for me who loves to sew, Halloween is the focal point of every year (that and the few "con" we attend). And off course, with Hudson's birthday being just a few days before Halloween, it is now EVEN more important!!!

Unfortunately, last year, with Phenix being just born, I ended up *gasp* BUYING costumes.... (that was a really sad day for me...) Still my sister rocked a homemade Mary Poppin outifit!

So, as I scavenge around for ideas... Here are pictures of past costumes I made (most wigs and accessories, were made by my sister)

 Our most notorious round was without any doubt 2007-2008 as a full assemble "Bleach" group! We even won some prizes! I know I have somewhere laying around a great professional photograph picture of all of us...


 We also had all the Eito Rangers in 2009! (Yellow is the one taking the picture!)


 And a bunch of Ouran Host school girls! (Also in 2009)

This one is near and dear to my heart... Made in 2007 from an actual pattern from the 17th century!!! (Most of it was hand sewed with hand embroidery (which you can't see on the picture)

In 2010 Marie and I painted our own Zukkoke Otokomichi outfit! This was a labor of Love!!! As it was grueling!

Then there was the Naruto crochet outfit for Hudson! I spent close to a year (or more precisely my whole pregnancy working on this!! I had never crochet before! I am particularly
proud of the hat!

These are just some of the many many costumes from the past few years!!!! 

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