Wednesday, June 18, 2014

DIY wall art : World Map

We are finally coming around fixing the kids' bedroom! Yes, they both still have a mattress on the ground in our master's bedroom (not that they even use it, as they are full time resident of our bed). Before Hudson's was born, we made a playroom for the kids. At one point we thought it would be a great bedroom is we only added a mattress on the ground, but as we dealt with some serious sleep issue, it became a no-go (although there is now a mattress in that room, it is mostly being used as a trampoline and guest bed.)

We decided was the kids really needed was a low sensory bedroom. No toys, no distraction, minimal colors... So we decided to turn our guest bedroom into a sleep heaven. When the bedroom will be done, I will post more about it ;-)

As the room started taking shape, we decided to put just one visual focus. Something meaningful, that would grow up with the kids and something unique. We decided to make a collage on the double closet sliding doors.  Since we travel a lot and have family and friends all over the world, we decided on a world map in which we would highlight Canada and China. For the collage itself, we thought about a few different material (newspaper of the date the kids were born, book pages from our favorite stories....) but decided to use some of the ridiculous amount of origami paper I bring back every time I go to Japan!

Here is a break down of the material we used
-mod pudge (about 4 oz)
-enamel primmer white for the doors (left over from another project)
-8 oz paint for the back ground. We used Behrs Free Spirit color
-the image you want to trace on a computer

-pencil (we used a pen to trace and regretted it as the ink ran when we brushed the glue)
-paper (we used about 15 different papers in 5 different shade). We found the thinner the paper was, the easier it was.
-A paint brush for the glue. We found a short hair, flat head worked best as it allowed us to press the air bubbles out.

First I painted the doors, two coats of the primer and two coats background color.

Then I projected the image and traced the outline of the picture.

 I had to cheat the map a bit so that half would be on one door and the other half on the other door.

Then I started gluing, and gluing, and gluing some more... my sister came to help as it turned out to be a very tedious job.

We did a different color per continent with Canada and China in red.

The hardest part was when ever we had to border two different colors. (Like in Asia). What worked best was to do both colors at the same time, so that we could adjust the frontiers before the glue had set.

 We also added a Rosetta.

It was a time consuming project but the results are stunning.  


In all, the total cost was about 20$

*** This was really exciting to do as the final results was even better than I expected. It was time consuming but easy enough and did not require much skills!***

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