Tuesday, July 1, 2014

We made it to 9 months!

One is 9 months, the other is 32 months... both are sick... The summer is in full swing. It is hot and humid. I don't like it, Phenix doesn't like it and Hudson... well she's fine with it.

This last months was pretty awesome though. Phenix is a very effective crawler and like to get into everything. EVERYTHING! Especially house plant! I don't remember it being that bad with Hudson.

Difference #1

Hudson could go for a long time but had no speed (endurance)
Phenix has super speed but no endurance

The last few days were spent dealing with a never ending fever while enjoying some time in the pool. Hudson surprised us and did her first pool lenght. She can swim under water very very well.

Phenix also enjoys swimming and is making great progress. He loves jumping in the water and tries really hard to make bubbles.

Difference #2

At 9 months, Hudson was sick for the first time.
At 9 months, Phenix has never been well for more than 4 weeks at a time! Oh the joy of being a second kid!

The school year ended for everyone. Hudson enjoyed 2 days with daddy at his school as she discovered the joy of kindergarden. She made lot's of friends and was really happy to pack her own lunch in her own lunch box. Phenix also enjoyed the time he spent surrounded by other kids.

Difference #3

At 9 months Hudson was walking and had no hair and teeth.
At 9 months, Phenix show no sign of wanting to walk but has a full head of hair and 2 teeths.

Today is Canada day!!! Happy Canada day! We will be celebrating coast to coast (well almost) as we spend some time in Barrie, Brampton and Vancouver! I just hope we have a good flight as we will be flying with 2 kids for the first time!

Difference #4

On her first flight Hudson screamed for 6 hours in a row.
On his first flight Phenix slept the entire time.

As I write this, Phenix is still under the weather... Poor little one. His stomach has a hard time processing food. Which led to 2 things......... yes you know what I mean.... Luckily Phenix poos on the toilet. We did have 2 accidents (just couldnt run fast enough) but otherwise, Phenix is very good at making it to the toilet! 

Difference # 5

At 9 months, Hudson still had weekly accident
At 9 months, Phenix barely had any accident (2 accidents in 2 months)

Well that is it for today! Have a great holliday everyone ;-)