Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hard at work... sneak peek

Here is a sneak peek of my 3 years old daughter in her Sakura cosplay. The dress is done and the wig styled. I am very happy at how the dress turned out as I added decorative stitch and used pleather. I wanted the dress to have a "real cloth" look as opposed to a "costume" look. So I used heavier material. The dress is really big on her but they grow so quickly at this age, I couldn't take a chance that it might not fit in a few months.

We tried make up on her for the first time... not so happy with how that turned out. I really need to get better at make up.. and well... she's 3 and won't stop moving :-) We did the latex tutorial from pinterest to "hide" her real eyebrow... used the wrong foundation color... so not so great looking. We will try again. I think we just need more practice. We also need a different pink for her eyebrow.