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I put the fun in funeral 
Just a girl building her path toward the future. One step at the time, one dream at the time. Student in Funeral Directing but also ex-musical theater performer and Japan-addict. This Blog has nothing special but my own thoughts, which are special on their own.

Life with Lin-chan
What is happiness? Is it the feeling you get when you see the morning sun rise, or is it the touch of a newborns hand. To each their own I guess. I want to show everyone my life through my eyes by my photos and stories. Please enjoy!

Monsters and Musings
A blog about strange creatures, odd thoughts, and one-of-a-kind art.
You can also visit her portfolio at Gawain Art

Kataomi & Kurushii in Nipponland

 Blog de notre voyage à Tokyo|Sapporo|Yokohama|Chiba automne 2011


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