Wednesday, July 15, 2009

NTV my love

Today I over did it. Walk, walk, walk... Today the heat was unbearable. Even th0ught I drank over 20 liters of fluid, I only went to the washroom once in the whole day!!! That's how much I sweat! My eye lids were sweating! My legs were sweating! I could feel the moisture getting sucked out of my eyeballs. Not fun.

But in the end I had a great day! First off I went back to Tokyu Hands to fill in Tristan's prescription and met a lovely old couple. We had a nice little chat, in japanese. Then I went to Harajuku to meet up with my friend Alex. We went to Meiji shrine and then for lunch. We still had some times before he had to head back to work so I dragged him to the NHK park! I love that place. I have to admit though, I've been there too often...

Gokusen Shrine
After we parted, I headed out to NTV and visited the Gokusen shrine... again. I took some pictures and bought a Fight-Oh cell phone strap!

While most tourist visit Tokyo Tower, I tour TV studios. But to break that habit... or at least to try to break that habit, I decided I should go up Tokyo Tower. Well, I got there. Was not impress by the price list and decided to keep my money in my pocket and my feet on the ground. Instead I visited the shrine around *I forgot the name*. It was great.

After that I kept walking and ended up in Roppongi. Now from Shimbashi to Roppongi that's one hell of a walk. As a matter of fact, I ended up with a hudge cramp in my calve and now I can't walk. Way to go! Yeah, me!!! My calve feels like a brick and my foot won't flex. Oh why do I do this to myself. Half way through the day it was already hurting but I just kept walking, first to save money and second because I have so little time in Japan and I want to see it all.

So now I am back home and I have to limp around the house. Cartoon Kat-tun is on TV. They are doing the super ranger training from the drama rescue.

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